Mission shakti

Shakti is a mission, started by Saraj Foundation with the vision to empower women to realise their potential and to acquire skills for doing jobs in order to earn for a livelihood for the family while being at their ease.

The mission supports the poor women in the society, helping them identify their talents, needs and imparting improved skills in their art forms.

This idea occurred to our founder when she saw a pregnant woman working on a construction site. " I eventually spent the whole day in thoughts about her condition and how so many other women must be going through the same" she quoted.

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Our founder later came to the conclusion that every human has a talent and making them realize this is what was required. She then connected to almost 500 women all over that slum, introduced them to meditation, various art forms, business ideas and helped them find their niche which could in turn fetch them money.

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Our vision is to provide them with the required art skills and eventually make them self-dependent.

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.   -   Diane Mariechild