Saraj - The young guns.
Saraj Foundation  is a youth-led organisation.
Saraj means “ Ray of Sunlight ’’ . Youth of Saraj are united like rays of sun to serve humanity. Saraj was founded  on 14th june 2019  by Deepika Arya with a strong passion for making easiest path for youth to engage in personal growth and social work . 
The organisation provides platform for Social work and personal growth to socially conscious youth for building  a new model for serving humanity based on transformational education, love and unity .Saraj has a team of over hundred of students, volunteers and professional who mentor and educate youth across India and give them a better future,which will benefit them as well as humanity.
For Sake of Humanity , 
Saraj have started 13 different missions so far on Education ,  personal growth , women empowerment ,skill development ,  health etc  which is led by youth across India.
Every Youth have a vision for social  change and deserves a right guidance for a bright future. And that’s why we are fiercely committed to giving platform to youth to “ START MISSION AND SERVE NATION ”.
In the coming 3 years, Saraj wants to build a digital platform for all those enthusiastic youth out there, who have that capability and will for social work. This platform will make social service possible even  while we are sitting at home.

We are looking to build a new model for Serving humanity based on transformational education,love and human unity.

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Pillars of Saraj

Kumar Rajan

Kumar Rajan is the respected trustee of the Saraj foundation. Since 1992 Mr. Ranjan has dedicated his life in service on the field of medicine as clinical audiologist and speech therapist at Begusarai, Bihar. He is a spiritual preacher and the chairperson of M.K.V.P.S (NGO established in 1992). He also has 27 years of experience in the field of social work.

Sarita Devi

Sarita Devi is the honorable trustee of Saraj Foundation. She is the secretary of M.K.V.P.S(NGO established in1992). She has special education in the rehabilitation field with 27 years of experience. As a mother herself, Sarita Devi, passionately works to protect and support Special Ability Children, by providing them a safe haven to overcome their mental and physical impediments. Her life has been dedicated towards the welfare of children of various disabilities.

Deepika Arya

Deepika Arya (founder)- “MADE OF LOVE” Deepika Arya, the founder of the NGO Saraj Foundation & the club Shakti- Uniting Women, is a student of Amity Medical School (BASLP), Amity University in Gurugram.  

 Deepika’s passion extends from her selfness service of humanity to reading books, sports,  poetry, creative writing, yoga and mindful meditation.

With the goal to serve humanity, Deepika is uniting voices of youth from all backgrounds and motivating them to convert their passions into missions that can serve the people and nation. Saraj foundation is Deepika’s first step to build a new model for serving humanity based on transformational education, love and human unity.