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Division in society will diminish the impact of humanitarian. Integrity in society has emotions for the kindness which has common grounds to all, gifted by god. Creating the impact is what we look for in society.

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Grow our extended support and reach for the evolution, change, and be the voice that reaches to not one but many for the change.

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Unite us to create the impact in society and bring simpers for every reason that people in need would have never heard of.

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Donate for Sameer, donate for humanity.
Meet Sameer, a twelve-year old child, who is just like other children – cheerful and always carrying a bright smile on his face. Except for the fact that he is a warrior, fighting against a kidney disorder since past three years, challenging death every single day.

His smile and zeal to live every moment has taught me something. It has taught me that you must never give up on two things – your hope and your happiness. It has taught me that no matter what the circumstances are, there is always a ray of sunlight, a ‘saraj’. Thus, I (Deepika Arya, Saraj Foundation) am motivated to help him live, with a strong hope that he will stand before the world as a motivation. But for this, I need your help!

Today, many of us can relate through what Sameer goes through every day. As the world is struggling to fight the CoVid-19, people are carrying a fear in their minds that what if we get infected. What if things turn against us? What if we DIE? Sameer has been living with this thought every day since past three years. Well aware of the fact that any day can be his last day, he doesn’t stop living his life to the fullest. Three years ago, doctors gave up on him and said that he wouldn’t survive. But he is warrior and warriors do not surrender. With God’s grace and immense efforts by one of his teachers, he lived. Mr Gaurav, his teacher, has been doing everything in his hand to make Sameer live. I remember talking to Sameer’s mother and she said, ‘Gaurav Sir ne bhagwan ki tarah bachaya hai Sameer ko’ (Gaurav sir has saved Sameer like the Almighty). 

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our Missions
Mission Shakti

A women empowerment and women oriented mission. Taking care of all needs of women and empowering them in every field since year 2019.

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Mission Karuna

To donate and to distribute love. Is all that surrounds this mission. Helping the needy in whatever way possible is what we do under this mission.

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Mission Pratibha

Youth teaching children. Acknowledging them with necessary information. Focusing on overall personal development of children.

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The stories of satisfaction

A journey destined towards smiles...

Amidst this unprecedented pandemic, abundance of time was there for me to utilize but I had literally nothing to do. I got to know about Saraj after I saw many of my classmates sharing about it on various social platforms. I decided to apply for internship here, with an objective of utilizing all my free time efficiently. But later, I became a volunteer and then it wasn't a matter of just internship of a month. I realized I could explore myself and my try out my skills at Saraj. It was 2nd June when I got my name registered for volunteering. 
I got actively engaged in various tasks since the day I joined Saraj. From content writing, working under various missions to working in collaboration with other NGOs, I have never been so proud of myself before.  Knowing that my commitment can make a difference in someone's life and is bringing smiles, I am glad that I got a chance to be a part of this one big family.

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Navneet Anand


” Saraj came into my life in very unexpected way and time. I have always loved helping others even in the smallest way possible. In a very short span of time Saraj became very close to my heart. I can also say that I made good friends in Saraj. Saraj for me is more than a Organization, it is that group of people who turned out to be a family I didn't ask for. I am really grateful that I joined Saraj. When it comes to the working it has always been a gala time, never have I felt burdened while working for Saraj. Saraj is a platform where you can find happiness. I started with teaching two kids 5 months ago and now Saraj has given me an opportunity to grow such that I am a Mission Leader now. I thank Saraj and Deepika di for showing their  utmost trust on me.

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"I have been a member of the Saraj Foundation for over a year. I have learned a lot from the Foundation and gained a lot of experience and opportunity to express myself in front of a group and on the stage.

The team works on each one is equal principle and the leader (Founder of the Organisation - Deepika Arya) and the volunteers all are treated equally.

The team has completed more than a year now and has worked through the pandemic helping its own members and citizens alike with all they can offer. It has been an honor for me to be a part of this team and working with the people who have now become family. ”

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Ashish Kumar Singh