The organisation was started as Shakti – Uniting women , an ideology that unite women to lead , learn and teach by Deepika Arya at Amity University Gurugram in july 2018 .

saraj foundation

Girls at amity university came together and soon it became a community of 100 girls taking action to empower each other and bring social change .From teaching yoga , zumba , dance ,sports and other skills to girls at amity university to girls in slum area behind campus of amity university .


They started bridging gap between women in slum and college . They started educating women in slum and housekeeping women of college . From organizing food drive for women , by women to celebrating holi and diwali together . They started a mission of we touch hearts , a platform that bridge the gap between rich and poor .

In May 2019 , while doing survey of what women in slums in delhi really need to become self-dependent , deepika arya realised it is not about finantial condition but its about mentality that is stoping women in slum to become self dependent .

She started motivating girls in slum by story of kalpana saroj . She got space in slum of anna nagar at pehchan – the street school trust to teach those girls in slum . She started with 8 girls and soon 25 girls joined her class.
To change mentality her focus was on teaching importance of meditation to girls . She started searching for girls in slum who were skilled and asked them to teach other girls . She started uniting girls in slum to empower each other .